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Perfect place for your relaxation

Relase your anxiety and stress via our procedures! Feel more energized and ready for anything. Perfect for your relaxation.

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Regular Spa Pedicure

Includes foot massage Contact us
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Mini spa pedicure

includes 10 minute foot massage

callous removal

Relaxing Procedures!

Relase your inner anxiety and stress!

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Brazilian Waxing

For Only $55!

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It's your time to relax

Relase anxiety and stress with massages, pedicures, waxes, manicures, and more!

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12 Reviews

Honey Milk Spa Pedicure

The lactic acids in the milk will soften your skin while the honey adds vital nutrients to the skin. Includes 25 minute foot massage, callus removal, and more.

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20 Reviews

Lavendar Spa Pedicure

Reduce anxiety and emotional stress with a fragrance that you love. Includes a 15 minute foot massage, paraggin wax, . and more.

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18 Reviews

Ultra Luxury Spa Pedicure

Soothes fatigued feet and helps to relieve anxiety and stress. Includes a 30 minute foot massage, 10-minute back massage, dead skin removal and more.

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12 Reviews

Green Tea Spa Pedicure

Green tea contains gealing agents that can promote anti-aging and stimulate younger healther skin. Includes 10 minute foot massage, paraffin wax, and more.

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18 Reviews

Lemon Spa Pedicure

Quench your skin's thrist with lemon extract. Lemon contains enzymes, which help you cleanse the skin. Includes a 15 minute foot massage, paraffin wax, and more.

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18 Reviews

Pomegranate Spa Pedicure

Pomegranate extract will softan your skin, relax muscles, and soothe your overworked feet. Includes a 20 minute foot massage, paraffin wax, and more.

Nail care

We trim your nails or paint your nails based on what you choose to do.

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We care about your feedback! Please send an email about your experience here at Lucy's Nail Spa. We take any feedback througly and will take any suggestion into consideration!

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We care about our clients

We use only the best products on the market for your skin and body.

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